Profal - at the Forefront of the Global Aluminium Industry!
Profal designs, produces & anodizes custom made aluminium profiles using state of the art technology.
Profal, produces a wide range of special aluminum profiles for a variety of industries, including the building and construction industry (windows, doors, Curtain –Walls), the electronics, defense, automobile & transportation industries, as well as for solar energy, furniture, greenhouses, ladders, boats and many more.
Experience makes all the difference!
With over 60 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Profal is ready to face any challenge and to provide creative and professional solutions tailored specifically to the customer's needs!
Profal, owned by the Levin family, was established in 1998 and is now managed by the second generation of the family.
The management strictly supervises and monitors quality control, with special emphasis on service and personal attention to each and every client.
From A to Z, all under than one roof!
At Profal, we cast aluminum billets, produce extrusion dies, extrude aluminium profiles and anodize profiles and sheets. We also offer further services such as Machining, Tooling, and Thermal & Surface Treatments.  
And we can do much more for you!
  • Production of special alloys tailored to the customer's specification.
  • Express production of new dies within two working days.
  • Extrusion in two fully automatic lines - an 1800 ton press and a 3000 ton press capable of producing profiles of up to 300mm wide, weighing approximately 30 kilograms per meter.
  • A wide range of thermal and mechanical treatments including assembly of finished and semi finished products.
  • Quality anodizing of profiles / aluminium sheets up to 7.4 meters long, in silver, bronze and black anodize.
  • Durable color anodizing – blue, green, copper, stainless steel and more.
  • Pre-anodizing treatments include: Satin brush, Pro-Satin ( Shot blasting)  and Mat.
Quality! Quality! Quality!
We are ISO9001 and VE2008 certified.
All products conform to the Israeli Standard Institute.
All products meet strict European EN12020 standards
We are here for you!
We are happy to work and share with you our expertise, on all technical and commercial matters.
We are here for you!
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Profal Ltd - Aluminium profile designing, production, processing, painting, anodizing, color anodizing in advanced technology
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