Mr. Yerachmiel (Hilik) Levin’s legacy

Mr. Yerachmiel (Hilik) Levin’s legacy

The late Mr. Levin, founder of Profal, was an industrialist in all his being. He was an autodidact engineer, totally self-taught. He was an expert in metallurgy, machine building, hydraulics, material strength, automation, etc.
During World War II, his family was deported from Poland to one of the most remote places in Russia, where he served as an assistant and apprentice to the maintenance manager of a local factory. He was a genius who managed to maintain and build many machines, without means and raw materials, except for steel railroad ties. When he immigrated to Israel at the age of 18, he served as an expert on weapons in the army and contributed his great talent in the adaptation of new weapons into the IDF.
After completing his military service, he began his career in the aluminum industry at Tami ( later known as Klil) and was one of the pioneers in the aluminum industry in Israel. For years he served as the technical director at Klil, . He then went on and founded S.H.L., an aluminum extrusion factory where he also proved his technical capabilities by taking old and used equipment and turning them into working machines.

S.H.L. under his ownership became a gold mine and a thriving factory. At the age when most people retire, he and his two children , Nurit and Yair established Profal. Mr. Levin served as CEO and Mentor of the company until his death in 2015.
Yerachmiel represents the generation of giants, never worried about hard work, always thinking a few steps ahead daring and thinking.
Modest , noble and full of humility are words which best characterized Yerachmiel. A person who respected everyone , took care of his employees and all those around him. A wise man, with a wonderful technical sense.
All this made him admired and loved by all his family, employees and acquaintances, a rare combination.

May he be of blessed memory!

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