Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

Long-term experience and advanced technological capabilities in all aspects, from production to supply, enable us to provide our customers with the best quality service and products, all under one roof.
Our 3,000-ton press uses 9” billets. The line operates with front loading technology, which enables achieving more accurate extrusion with better surface quality than conventional back loading technology.
The 1,800 ton press uses 7” billets, operates on short stroke technology.

Profile size and weight:

• Diameter: 310 mm
• Maximum blocking circuit: 280 mm
• Maximum single profile weight: about 125 kg
• Weight per meter: 0.1 to 30 kg
*Profile size depends on geometry and alloy.

Extrusion die manufacturing
Dies are produced in house at Profal by professional and skilled die makers using full CNC process, thus there is no need for human handling of the dies.
In urgent cases a new die can be made in 48 hours.

Aluminum scrap sorting line
Profal recycles aluminum as part of its environmental commitment. The scrap is sorted by using a magnet, eddy current and an X-ray system to ensure the supply of clean aluminum to the cast house.

Cast house
Profal's cast house supplies green, recycled and clean billets. Innovative manufacturing processes and continuous thermal treatment ensure maximum uniformity and optimum performance in the extrusion process. Relatively small production batches enable us to reach an alloy that best meets the final product and its technical requirements and closely monitor the cast stock.

Cooling system at the press
As part of the thermal treatment, cooling of the extrusion is performed in various methods - mist, water or air. The cooling is carried out in a computerized chamber enabling us to:
• Control the cooling rate, including consideration of the different areas of the profile, however complex.
• Controlling the angle in which the profile is cooled
• Cooling methos selection (fog, water, or air)
• Complex profiles can be made with hard alloys that previously could not be made.

Aging Oven
Profal's advanced oven is capable of measuring temperature in three different places, with a precision of up to 2 degrees. The use of variable air circulation (variable every 15 minutes, clockwise or against) ensures high temperature uniformity that results in high mechanical results in the profile.

Testing instruments
The tests are performed using a computerized scanner (ROMIDOT), which compares scanning to a computerized file, including permitted tolerances, and extracts a visual and written report. In addition, mechanical tests are performed using hardness meters, tearing machines to test the strength of tearing, submission and elongation, and chemical tests on the spectrometer..

Quality system
Profal complies with the ISO2008 standard and is preparing to implement AS9100 C

Our anodizing line is an automated computerized line for profiles of up to 7.4 meters long. It includes special silkscreen or shot blasted pre anodizing mechanical treatments that provide an aesthetic surface taking away all die lines.

Machining and fabrication
Profal machining department offers a finished and machined product. These include:
• Automatic punching and cutting machines
• Manual punching machines
• A 5 axes CNC machine machining sections up to 7.3 meters long . The machine is optimized for the process, ensuring low processing cost in projects for long periods of time and in large volumes.

Planning and Development Department
Profal offers a service of design and development of new products and assistance in engineering design according to customer needs.

ERP system and electronic documentation
The system enables traceability and future acceptance of production indices to reduce faults.

Design and manufacture of aluminum profiles

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