Our Production facilities - Added value department

Added value department

As part of its philosophy of “one stop shop all under one roof” Profal has established a machining and fabrication center for finished products

.We use CNC machines as well as punch – cut operators, in house tool design and advanced press controlled systems. All these allow us to offer high accuracy, consistency and quality for all our customer’s machining requirements.

Profal’ s machining services include:

•Horizontal and vertical CNC machining
• Punching
• Stamping
• Lathe machining
• Routing

Our 5 axis CNC machine is designed to provide great efficiency and precision for all imaginable processing operations of up to 8 meter long aluminum sections. All working operations such as milling, drilling, tapping as well as thread milling, notching and cutting, are carried out without any movement of the profile preventing any possible surface damage. This process is done in 6 sides of the profile. The movable tool magazines provide a fast tool change allowing a short processing time.
The magazines are equipped with 20 tools, both standard and special, as well as an angle router, a cutter and a 500 mm saw blade.
Automatic positioning through autonomous clamp positioning as well as two separated working zones allows an oscillating operation.

Design and manufacture of aluminum profiles

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