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Anodizing line

Profal has a new and modern anodizing plant where all movements are computer controlled, allowing staff to reach high quality while conserving the chemical baths. We perform innovative surface coatings and treatments. In addition, tailor made waste treatment ensures that our company is totally environmentally friendly.

Main advantages:
• Triple rinsing process
• Exact micron level
• 7.5 meter long
• Fully computerized controlled system
• Fully automatic line

We offer two unique mechanical finishes to the profile:
Satin finish
The satin finish is used to improve the surface of the extrusion prior to anodizing and by this allowing to anodize high quality secondary profiles. The satin finish is created by a brushing machine that generates uniform decorative scratches that help to eliminate some minor extrusion defects. This process however, emphasizes the longitudinal lines, resulting in a window frame where the vertical profile would differ in appearance from the horizontal profile.
Shot blasting
At Profal, we have begun to use a unique machine, which mechanically throws small stainless-steel balls on the profile prior to the anodizing process. The process is called "shot blasting mechanical etching.” The result is almost a pure matte finish. Even some larger extrusion defects will be masked by the shot blast. Unlike the brushed finish, the blasting method can reach any point in any type of profile shape. This helps to achieve a more uniform finish.
The advantages of this finishing method are many. First of all, a long chemical etching process will no longer be required, thus making the process more environmentally friendly. Another advantage is that as there is no direction to the blasting, and thus, vertical and horizontal lines will look the same. Besides, the scrap production rate will decrease as the process is able to handle extrusion defects in a better way. This enables a secondary profile to be equal in its quality level, and to even surpass the quality of a primary profile with a finish that even surpasses the satin finish.

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