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About US

Profal designs, produces, anodizes & machines custom made aluminum profiles using state of the art technology and environmentally friendly processes.

Profal produces a wide range of special aluminum profiles for a variety of industries worldwide including the building and construction industry, electronic, defense, automobile & transportation industries as well as solar energy, furniture, greenhouses , ladders, marine and many more.

Experience makes all the difference!

With over 70 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Profal is ready to face any challenge and to provide creative and professional solutions tailored specifically to the customer’s needs.
The company, owned by the Levin family, was established in 1997 and is now managed by the second generation of the family, the brother and sister, Nurit and Yair Levin.
The management strictly supervises and monitors quality control, with special emphasis on service and personal attention to each and every customer.

From A to Z all under one roof!

All activities in Profal are vertically integrated and are produced in house. We cast our own raw material (billets), cut our own dies, extrude and anodize the aluminum sections as well as machine and fabricate a finished product.

And we can do much more!

• Production of special alloys tailored to the customer’s specification.
• Extrusion in two fully automatic lines – an 1800 ton press and a 3000 ton press capable of producing profiles up to 300 mm wide, weighing approximately 30 KG/meter.
• A wide range of thermal and mechanical treatments as well as machining a final product.
• Anodizing of sections up to 7.5 meter long in silver, bronze and black anodize.
• Pre anodizing treatments include: Satin, shot blasting and mat.
• Pre anodizing treatments include: Satin, shot blasting and mat.

Quality! Quality! Quality!

All products conform to the Israeli Standard Institute as well as the European EN12020 standards.

Design and manufacture of aluminum profiles

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