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Profal is located in Goren Industrial Park, adjacent to a beautiful nature reserve in the Western Galilee, a pastoral and very green part of Israel. This geographic location fits in with our two fundamental values.
The first one – Profal will always be at the fore front of technology and innovation. In the modern era efficiency and quality are a necessary condition for success. Modern and state of the art equipment insures that all process is Envirmently friendly. We at Profal emphasize these values to our suppliers of automation and equipment , hence being that a significant percentage of every new investment is focused on the green issue of environmental protection.
The second value being an emphasis on using recycled aluminum. Most of the raw material used at Profal is made of recycled aluminum. This guaranties not only perfect quality equivalent to primary raw material, but also a direct contribution to the environment. Casting secondary material requires 90% less energy than casting primary material. The impact on ecology is enormous.
This is shown in our GREEN logo.

טופס צור קשר מעל הפוטר EN

Design and manufacture of aluminum profiles

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